Between the garage and laundry area, is a huge storage and pantry area to keep all your extra needs!!

Master bedroom has a walk in closet and double sinks!! Double doors to the back patio so you can watch some amazing sun rises!

The dining room is ready to enjoy! 

Available for long term renting, and short term when available.

4 person capacity

This is the relaxing view from the roof deck, which is a great place to enjoy a morning cup of coffee :)

Casa Vista del Mar

Spacious and serene!!!

The kitchen has plenty of counter space and storage areas. Oven/stove, blender. New microwave, coffee maker, fridge, utensils, and more!

The roof deck has amazing views of the whole area, mountains to the West, and the Sea of Cortez to the east. 

This is the front entrance of the house, we promise it will look much nicer and landscaped ;)  That door that you see just to the left of the front doors, is the Office door! There is a cozy office room with it's own private entrance (pics soon to come!)

There is a washer and dryer, in it's own little nook. The next room is a HUGE pantry and storage area (no pic yet), and then there is the spacious garage with refinished flooring.

Here is the front bedroom, everything you need to get a good nights rest!!! Each bedroom had it's own private bathroom, yay! 

The living room is a cozy area to relax and unwind.