San Felipe Baja Rentals has many years of property management under our belt, so we can professionally care for your property, while you are taking care of your everyday life! You'll be secure in knowing that your home is being looked after, and maintained. We live in San Felipe FULL-TIME, so we are here when ever you need us!


Do you have a property that needs to be managed? Many houses in San Felipe sit around empty collecting dust! Well, it's our job to make your property bring in some extra cash while you wait for it to sell, or until you finally retire and move down to San Felipe for the long haul!! 

We do so much more than rentals!! We also take care of your home while you are away! We have clients who live here in San Felipe for half of the year, and while they are away, we take care of the utilities, maintenance, landscaping, and even collect your mail so it doesn't stack up at the local mail center!